Articles and Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

  1. Review of Remembering From the Outside: Personal Memory and the Perspectival Mind by Christopher McCarroll; in Memory Studies 12(4): 465–479, 2019.

In progress

  1. "Causal connection and the (dis)continuity between memory and imagination" (under review)
  2. "Relationalism and the transparency of recollective memory" (under review)
  3. "Is autonoesis an epistemic feeling?" (with Denis Perrin and Kourken Michaelian, R&R)
  4. "The phenomenology of episodic memory" (with Kourken Michaelian)
  5. "From authenticism to alethism: Against McCarroll on observer memory" (with Kourken Michaelian)
  6. "Pragmatic Realism: Towards a Reconciliation of Enactivism and Realism" (with Catherine Legg)
  7. "Diagrammatic reasoning as a tool for scientific discovery" (with Max Vicentini; in Portuguese)