André Sant'Anna


My research is focused on two general topics: memory and perception. In my PhD thesis, I proposed a hybrid account of perception and memory that reconciles representationalism and relationalism in each domain.

In memory, I’m interested in questions about the objects of memory, the nature of mnemonic content, and the relationship between memory and other forms of episodic thinking.

In perception, I’m interested in questions relating to the objects of perception, the nature of perceptual content, and how external objects shape how we perceive the world.


  1. "Continuities and discontinuities between imagination and memory: The view from philosophy" (with Kourken Michaelian and Denis Perrin); Forthcoming in The Cambridge Handbook of Imagination. Ed. A. Abraham. Cambridge University Press. [PDF]
  2. "The hybrid contents of memory" Forthcoming in Synthese. [DOI] | [PDF]
  3. "Thinking about events: a pragmatic account of the objects of episodic hypothetical thought" (with Kourken Michaelian); Forthcoming in Review of Philosophy and Psychology. [DOI] | [PDF]
  4. "Episodic memory as a propositional attitude: A critical perspective" in Frontiers in Psychology, 9: 1220, 2018. [DOI] | [PDF]
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  6. "Mental time travel and the philosophy of memory" in Unisinos Journal of Philosophy 19(1), 2018. [DOI] | [PDF]
  7. "The role of selection in functional explanations" in Manuscrito 37, 2014. [PDF]


  1. "The relational view of memory and unsuccessful remembering"; under review.
  2. "Memory without content? Radical enactivism and (post)causal theories of memory" (with Kourken Michaelian)
  3. Review of Remembering from the Outside by Chris McCarroll

In progress

  1. "Epistemic particularity: A challenge for the simulation theory of remembering"
  2. "Causal connections and the continuity between remembering and imagining"